Creeping Charlie

Creeping Charlie in the landscape and how to remove it.

Creeping Charlie is a invasive lawn and landscape weed that is very hard to eradicate from they yard and landscape but we have 3 great suggestions on how you can remove this from your landscape, the fourth one is also a option for treatment, just not as ideal. The earlier in the season you tackle […]

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Where to begin in the landscape?

New construction or a renovation, taking on a home improvement project can be an overwhelming task for many homeowners and a big reason is they just don’t know where to begin.  The bigger the project, the more important it is to start at the beginning, but where is that, it’s really to consider the end […]

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Consultations vs sales pitch

We get many call for our services this time of year, people looking to start new projects or add on to old ones. Many are just the type that fit our services, some are not. So how do you know if we are that company for you, or any company for that matter? What things will […]

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Like a switch the weather changes

It has been a gloriously beautiful November, the sun was shining, the air was warm and projects were continuing to get done. The forecast even was looking like we just might make it to December with workable sites,  yes in Minnesota! This was the latest frost setting a record with Nov 18, and with things […]

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planning your landscape before any thing goes in is best!

New construction landscapes should have as much planning as the rest of your new home

The wonderful feeling of a fresh start that comes with new construction takes a lot of planning. The layout of the house, the paint colors, the interior fixtures, the cabinets, the sidewalk, lawn, patios, landscape and gardens all require careful thought. Many clients tend to reach out to a designer after they move in to […]

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This rain chain collects a small roof area

Playing in the rain, or with it, in the landscape

Collecting Rainwater is something we are seeing more people interested in, however they  don’t always understand how much water is being produced.  This 6×6 area of roof collected over 18 gallons from yesterdays 2″ rain!  Now imagine a larger section of roof vs a 40-55 gal barrel- it can fill very quickly, then where does the […]

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Fellow designers enjoying a garden

Reflection through the landscape and garden

Gardens and landscapes are great reasons to give us a chance to reflect, to pause, to introspect or to just take a breath. This morning I had to stop as I heard the passing of a design friend. I immediately felt the need to find the pictures of him, his work and a moment that […]

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Stop bugging me, plants that may help you avoid mosquitoes

Many client have asked us for plants that repel insects, especially mosquitoes. USA Today recently had a story featuring nine of these so-called wonder plants. Here is the list. Marigolds Lavender (Nicole has this right by the patio and I can’t say it’s preventing any bites.) Lemongrass Garlic ( I eat a lot of it, I […]

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