Getting found after dark

As I was driving through the neighborhood this evening I was paying close attention to the homes and their lack of curb appeal at night. Sure that is how the landscape designer words it, curb appeal, but what I really mean is proper visible address on the homes. Okay – a few looked too dark and spooky too, but some of that came from not being able to see and find their address.

Have you gone out and looked at your home at night? Did you notice if your address could be read?

  • is it in a reasonable location to find?- should be with in a few feet of the front stoop or door.
  • is your address a size and style that can be read from the road? small numbers can be hard to read as can fancy fonts
  • is your address a color that can be seen both day and night? Contrasting colors are best, reflective are great too.
  • is your address properly lit? is the light shining in a way to let you see the numbers vs fixture blocking or shadowing your numbers

Many people, me included, have neglected to verify that their address can be found. My mistake was that my address stake had been kicked over and was lying in the shrubs. Not sure if I am to blame the squirrels or the kids on that one, but it is my responsibility to fix it.  I properly put it back in the ground and checked to see the landscape light that was set to shine on it still had the right angle before calling it fixed.

Now you may ask why does the landscape designer care about my address, let a lone at night. Well to be honest your address and your curb appeal (day and night) are very important to me. I want to make sure that we include plans for a proper address monument, lighting or front entry embellishments if you are making changes to your front. Adding a post, stone or plaque with your address and then light it up with other key parts of the landscape for a very complete appeal if just a few numbers isn’t the statement you want to make.

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