I am so Minnesotan

Yes I said it, I am Minnesotan, and after traveling last week to a more southern climate I feel I have proved it to myself .  Here’s a few ways that I was able to prove my Minnesotan-ness :

  • I can adjust to changing temps – as in 50 degree swings during  a 12-24 hour span
  • People tell me I don’t have an accent
  • I am amazed that people call that chunky green stuff  a lawn- I call it crabgrass
  • I am -un tanned- as in pale- after only a few weeks of wearing layers- and it shows with out them
  • I call most the landscape plants “houseplants”- as that is th only way we grow them here.
  • I was amazed to see so many Poinsettia’s in the planted landscape…
  • Laughed as I then saw the poinsettias covered under fabric when the temps dipped to chilly…

and I like to plan for plants that work with our climate- you won’t find me planting Poinsettias for you here. I will, however, enjoy them indoors!

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